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General information

Telefónica Volunteer Program: corporate volunteer program of the Telefónica Group

Telefónica Volunteers is the programme which channels and promotes social action by employees of the Telefónica Group who want to contribute part of their resources, knowledge, time and enthusiasm in order to benefit the community and its most disadvantaged groups.

"What areas are involved?

The programme is managed by Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources and Communication departments at both corporate and local levels in the different countries in which the Telefónica Group is present.

Who can be a Telefónica volunteer ?

The programme is open to all current or retired employees of the Telefónica Group who wish to contribute, through donations or by giving their time, to a social action project promoted, supported or facilitated by any of the companies of the Telefónica Group.

How it works?

The Telefónica Volunteers programme offers all Telefónica employees the opportunity to participate in different volunteering initiatives:

  • Through planned activities and those proposed by the programme: for this, we identify possible collaborations with different non-profit entities, as well as possible synergies with other social action programmes of the Foundation, such as Proniño or Fundación Telefónica Classrooms.
  • Proposing your own project to help the NGO you want: for this, you must take part in the annual invitation to present volunteering projects, when we call on all employees to present their projects which, if chosen, will receive help in their funding.
  • In some countries, you can make monetary donations, either to collaborate with Fundación Telefónica’s Proniño programme in its work to eradicate child labour in Latin America or on other donation campaigns in favour of other causes.
How do I register?

It’s very easy. Just go to the registration section and fill in your details.

What will I be committing to?

Being a Telefónica Volunteer does not mean any obligation, but you will be able to find out about all the volunteering initiatives we undertake and take part in them, you will have information about the world of volunteering, you will be able to propose projects so we can help you, you will have access to the training offered to volunteers, you will be able to participate in the blogs and interactive forums that are generated in order to share experiences and you will be able to get to know the other Telefonica Volunteers around the world.

Importantly, all our activities, always in collaboration with social organizations expert in the problems we address.

In which spheres does the programme act?

The spheres of action of the programme vary depending on the country, but they include those spheres in which the company develops its own projects, such as the eradication of child labour, support to young people, or digital inclusion, and other relevant spheres such as disability, protection of the environment or social inclusion.

If you have always wanted to help but have not found the right opportunity: join Telefónica Volunteers! You will find the volunteering opportunity that will convince you to take part.