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International Volunteering Holidays 2018

What is International Volunteering Holidays?

It is a Telefónica Foundation initiative which allows employees of the Group to dedicate their vacation time to Telefónica Foundation and ProFuturo solidarity projects.

The chance to enjoy a unique experience by showing solidarity and working together with other colleagues who share your dreams.

How and where will the projects take place?

On the International Volunteering Holidays, you will collaborate with colleagues from all parts of the world on social projects set up by the Telefónica Foundation in Latin America and ProFuturo in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

July, August and September 2018

How long?
Two weeks

Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Training of teachers and students
in digital tools.

Fun educational activities with
children and members of the community.

Rehabilitate facilities
for the community's use.

Who can participate?

Active employees, those who have taken early retirement, and those who have retired from the Telefónica Group who are enthusiastic about volunteering and want to ...

Spend their
holiday time helping others.

Live the solidarity
experience with their Telefónica colleagues.

Share their knowledge
and skills with others.

The selected volunteers...

Will have the costs covered for:
  1. Specific training so that the work you do will be even more effective.
  2. Travel expenses to and from the country of residence to where the volunteer action takes place.
  3. Accommodation throughout the duration of the project.
  4. Breakfast and lunch on the days when the solidarity work takes place.
  5. Multi-assistance travel insurance.

The registration period ends on April 8th.

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