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On Thursday, September 15, 2015  we will have a presentation our our current and previous 

employees who participated in the Solidarity International Holidays - a project where our participants

donated their vacations (15 days) to work and contributed to an international project proposed by an 

NGO of the Host Country ; 


We will hear more about our participants form USA, Gilberto Chez (2013)  in Argentina

Patricia Spencer (2014) in Colombia and Gabriel Paez (2015) also in a project in Colombia - come and 

join us in this event which is life changing ; hear their emotions, contribution, realization, and their achievement 

helping each project to be a reality; to make a difference in the lives of those beneficiaries.

remember - Sept 15, at 3:30 pm at the Sabadell Financial Center - first floor on Biscayne Room;



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Register - Oct 15 Solidarity Holidays Experience
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