CHILE VISITS US | Telefónica Volunteers


The Fundation Telefonica Coordinator form Chile visits our offices in Miami!

With an interesting exchange of ideas and information - a short meeting was held on Mar 8th, while celebration 

Women Internation Day.  Volunteers from  Telefonica Global Solutions met with Celeste Maturana, coordinator for the program

in Chile and who has more than 10 years of experience working to help the community and assiting with great projects along

with different local  NGO's to do the most for the less fortunate people, in need of a helping hand.


She exposed part of her experience and indicated that the best way to help, is by having our emploees coming to us with

their own ideas of what they would like to do and will reciecve logistics and asistance- guidance and support from the Telefonica

Volunteer Foundation - we are very happy and have shared this time with Celeste - Thank for Stoping by and spending valuable 

time with us!








A moment with Celesta Maturana
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