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On March 7th - Telefonica Global Solutions Launched the campaign inviting our employees

to tell us: WHO DO YOU WANT US TO HELP!" 

This is a campaign oriented to recieve input from our employees, we want to hear from you, tell us who do you

want us to help and we will donate Up to a maximun of US$5,000.00 to solve a problem or support a program along with

an NGO of your preference.  Also, Telefonica will provide the volunteers needed to carry out the event.

Join us and participate in the program which is yours.  Have you ever thought of helping an organization in need?

Have you thought of working toward solving a situation in your community?  If you have, this is your opportunity

to shine.... Choose the entity with whom you want to work, prepapre all the relevant documents and submit your 

Project and request by using the from provided for such purpose on on before March 21, 2016.

Telefonica Foundation (local) under guidance from Telefonica Foundation will review, evaluate and select the project(s)

to be aid.

Please hurry and let's get to work!  we count on you,



Select your NGO, Propose your Project and Submit!
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