Pop Up Event- Way to Go! | Telefónica Volunteers

Pop Up Event- Way to Go!

Our Volunteer Program Coordinator Nancy Guerrero has been celebrating a series

of Pop Up Events as we call them, in order to increase visibility and capture new

Volunteer to register for the Corporate Volunteer Program Sponsored by the Fundacion


This year we have been celebration various of these Pop Ups, achieving great enthuasm with

employees and collaborators in the varios locations where we are present. 


Events were celebrated at the Data Center in Doral, same as the offices in Brickell and the lastest 

one celebrated in Puerto Rico - coinciding with the celebration of Father's day.

Telefonica Volunteer T-shirts were handed to employees for the up coming -Volunteer Week 

when various activities will be held on the week of October 5th - to the  9th, when the International

Telefonica Volunteer day is celebrated world wide where Telefonica has a presence.   Join us! 


Pop Up Events are the way to Go! Employees are eager to become Volunteers!
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